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Medieval Coin Bulk Lots

Lot of 15 Islamic Silver Coins, c. 1100 - 1400 A.D.

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Includes nine sun and lion types. The source and meaning of this sun and lion design is uncertain but there is a popular (although unlikely) explanation. The sultan was madly in love with his beautiful Georgian wife and wanted to put her portrait on his coins. His advisors disapproved, however, so he put his wife's horoscope on his coins instead - the Sun in Leo.
LT88852. Silver Lot, Lot of 15 silver Islamic dirhem, aVF, nice coins!, weight c. 2.96 g, c. 1100 - 1400 A.D.; ex Numismatik Naumann auction 72, lot 1072; the actual coins in the photograph, no flips or tags, bulk lot, as-is, no returns; $680.00 (598.40)

Great Britain, Lot of 4 Colonial Farthing Fractions, 1844, 1868, 1902, 1913

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- Great Britain, Queen Victoria, 1837-1901, bronze 1/2 farthing, 1844, SCBC 3951.
- Great Britain, Queen Victoria, 1837-1901, bronze 1/3 farthing, 1868, SCBC 3960, for use in Malta.
- Great Britain, Edward VII, 1901-1910, bronze 1/3 farthing, 1902, SCBC 3993, for use in Malta.
- Great Britain, George V, 1913, 1/3 farthing, SCBC 4062, for use in Malta.
UK94014. Bronze Lot, EF or better, ex CNG e-sale 453 10/2/19, 893 (part of, from the Brondesbury Park Collection); $140.00 (123.20)

Harmer Rooke Numismatists, The Andrew Faller Hawaiian Coins Collection, Public Auction 26 -28 Mar 1973

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BL20711. Harmer Rooke Numismatists, Treasure Coins Catalog, The Andrew Faller Hawaiian Collection, public auction 26 -28 Mar 1973, New York, booklet, 84 pages, 1454 lots, 29 plates, international shipping at cost; $15.00 (13.20)

Japan, Lot of 8 Kanei Tsuho, Edo Period, c. 1636 - 1868

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In 1636, the Tokugawa shogunate introduced Kanei Tsuho coins to standardize copper coins and maintain a sufficient coin supply. These coins, the first government minted copper coins in 700 years, became the daily currency used for small payments. Although the Kanei era ended in 1643, coins continued to bear the Kanei Tsuho legend for 230 years. By the 1650s, 16 private mints were opened across Japan. The shogunate outsourced the mintage to regional and local merchants who cast them at varying weights and sizes, as well as occasionally having local mint marks. Kanei Tsuho produced before 1668, referred to as "old Kanei" coins, are recognizable by their consistent calligraphic style. Kanei Tsuho coins produced after 1668, "new Kanei" coins, have more diverse calligraphic styles. From 1738 government authorized iron Kanei Tsuho 1 mon coins, and in 1866 iron 4 mon Kanei Tsuho were authorized.
LT93038. Copper 1 mon, Hartill EJC 4.1 - 4.219; SCWC KM 5 (1606), near F or better, with minor flaws, bumps, scratches, encrustations, weight c. 2.8 g, maximum diameter c. 23 mm, c. 1636 - 1868; obverse kan ei tsu ho (universal treasure of Kwan Ei); bargain budget lot!; $12.00 (10.56)


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Medieval Lots