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Byzantine Coin and History Books

For orders of three or more books, our shipping charge is only the actual cost of Priority Mail (usually lower than the amount shown in checkout, sometimes much lower). Order with reserve if you want to know the total before confirming the order. If you use a credit card, we will let you know the actual total before we charge your card. If you pay with PayPal, we will refund any overpayment or send a PayPal invoice for any amount due.

All books are new and the latest reprint unless otherwise noted. All used books are worn working copies unless otherwise noted.

Monete Bizantine di Sicilia

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An essential reference for Byzantine coins struck in Sicily.
BK34117. Monete Bizantine di Sicilia by Marco Anastasi, Byzantine coins of the Sicilian mints; in Italian, softcover, 252 pages, 616 photographs, 589 types some previously unpublished; $160.00 (136.00)

Byzantine and Early Medieval Western European Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet, University of Glasgow

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Please note that if you order 3 or more books and our shopping cart shipping charges add up to an excessive amount, we will reduce the shipping charge and only charge the actual cost of postage!
BK34163. Byzantine and Early Medieval Western European Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet, University of Glasgow by J.D. Bateson and I.G. Campbell, Spink, London, 1998, 180 pages, 29 plates, blue cloth, dust jacket, Hunterian coin collection part 6 (parts 1-5 were the Roman Imperial set), includes Ostrogothic and Merovingian coins; $60.00 (51.00)

Byzantine Coins and Their Values

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Byzantine Coins and their Values by David R. Sear

The Byzantine Empire lasted for almost a thousand years after the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. The period covered by this catalogue is from the reign of Anastasius I (491-518) until the capture of Constantinople by the Turks in 1453. When this catalogue was first published in 1974 it was hailed as containing more information in a concise form than any other single volume on the Byzantine series. This edition incorporates the research of the intervening years, new attributions and new coins that have been recognised. The later Palaeologan period has been completely revised by Simon Bendall and an Appendix has been added covering the gold forgeries of the 'Beirut' and allied schools that have caused collectors some concern. Over 2,500 coins in gold, silver and bronze are listed, valued and illustrated with more than 600 photographs, giving a virtual type catalogue of the Byzantine series. The Introduction discusses the types, mints, denominations, dates and inscriptions found on Byzantine coins and includes seven maps and a table of monograms. This is an invaluable guide to the whole of the Byzantine series and is already a standard reference work.
BKBSBCV. Byzantine Coins and Their Values by David R. Sear, 2nd edition, revised and enlarged.1987, reprinted, London 2000, 528 pages, illustrated throughout, valuations, hardback, special price!; $58.00 (49.30)

Die Mnzen der Komnenen von Trapezunt

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The history and coinage of Trebizond Emperors. The book covers Alexius I (1204-1224) to David (1458-1461).
BK11427. Die Mnzen der Komnenen von Trapezunt Otto Retowski, 1974, in German, 189 pages, 15 plates, hardback, used, good condition, only one copy available; $34.00 (28.90)

Speedy Identification of Early Denominationally Marked Byzantine Bronzes

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What is Speedy ID? You look at a reverse key feature, say * M * - the book says turn to pages 28 - 31, you go there and by looking at some of the other details of the coin you are led to your coin's number in Sear's Byzantine Coins and Their Values. This book is not a replacement for Sear's book; it is a tool to help you find coins in that book faster, much faster!
BKBSIDB. Speedy Identification of Early Denominationally Marked Byzantine Bronzes by C. Daniel Clark, 134 pages, covers bronze coins from Anastasius I (491 - 518 AD) to Basil I (867 - 886 AD), wire bound paperback, black & white photographs dispersed throughout, only one copy available; $25.00 (21.25)

The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII Palaeologos 1258-1282

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This short study of the billon trachea of Michael VIII, the authors state, does not pretend to be complete and there are few deductions of theories presented here, but perhaps it will lead to a further discoveries and research into this neglected but interesting period of the Byzantine coinage. This useful book provides the reader with a brief history surrounding this coinage, details on different types, mints and dating, as well as information on Imperial effigies and obverse types. Detailed line drawings are also given to aid identification.
BL10779. The Billon Trachea of Michael VIII Palaeologos 1258-1282 S. Bendall & P. J. Donald, 1974, 47 pages, illustrations throughout, paperback, only one copy available; $12.00 (10.20)


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