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Second Jewish Revolt - "Bar Kochba" Uprising, 133 - 135 A.D.

Simon Bar Kochba led a rebellion against Rome from 133 - 135 A.D. This Second Jewish Revolt or "Bar Kochbah" uprising ended with Hadrian's destruction of Jerusalem, the founding of "Aelia Capitolina" on the site, and dispersal of the Jews throughout the Roman Empire.

Ascalon, Philistia, 76 - 77 A.D., Countermarked by Legio X Fretensis

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In 66 A.D., Legion X Fretensis moved to Judaea to suppress the revolt. In 68, the Xth destroyed the monastery of Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls originated. In 70, the Xth camped on the Mount of Olives and used war machines to hurl 25 kg stones 400 meters at the ramparts of besieged Jerusalem. After a five month siege and the horrors of starvation, the city was taken and then completely destroyed. In the autumn of 72, the Xth, auxiliary troops, and thousands of Jewish prisoners erected a wall of circumvallation around Masada, the last Jewish stronghold. The Jewish defenders chose mass suicide before the final assault. After the revolt, the Xth was the sole legion in Judaea and garrisoned at Jerusalem. X Fretensis is recorded to have existed at least until the 410s.Legion X Camp

RP86850. Bronze AE 15, RPC II 2205; SNG ANS 683; Rosenberger 55; BMC Palestine p. 112, 54; c/m: cf. Howgego 733 (Jerusalem(?), c. 85 - 117 A.D.), F, a little rough, corrosion; countermark: VF, weight 1.894 g, maximum diameter 14.8 mm, die axis 0o, Ashkelon mint, 76 - 77 A.D.; obverse draped and veiled bust of Tyche right; countermark: LX (Legio X) in a rectangular punch; reverse war galley right, ΠP (year 180) over AΣ (Ashkelon) above; rare; $400.00 (340.00)

Judaea, Bar Kochba War, 132 - 135 A.D.

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These coins are usually overstruck on earlier denarii or drachms. Traces of the undertype are present on the obverse circle of dots.
SH28931. Silver zuz, Hendin 1416, EF, weight 3.313 g, maximum diameter 18.9 mm, die axis 0o, Judaean mint, undated year 3, 134 - 135 A.D.; obverse Shim'on (in Hebrew) within wreath of thin branches wrapped around eight almonds, medallion at the top, tendrils at the bottom; reverse For the freedom of Jerusalem (in Hebrew), palm-branch; toned; SOLD

Judaea, Bar Kokhba Revolt, 132 - 135 A.D.

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These coins are usually overstruck on earlier denarii or drachms. Traces of the undertype bust and obverse legend are visible on the reverse.
SH63938. Silver zuz, Mildenberg p. 255, 161 (O21/R81); Hendin 1433; TJC 285. AJC II 275, 68; overstruck on a Roman denarius or drachm of Trajan(?), VF, weight 3.484 g, maximum diameter 18.6 mm, die axis 180o, undated third year, 134 - 135 A.D.; obverse paleo-Hebrew inscription: Simon, bunch of grapes in three lobes hanging from branch, which has a tendril to the left and a leaf to the right; part of undertype legend visible, 6:00 - 8:00 (GER?); reverse paleo-Hebrew inscription: for the freedom of Jerusalem, fluted jug, handle on left, willow branch on right; ex Gemini; SOLD



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Second Jewish Revolt - "Bar Kochba"