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Numismatic Periodicals and Journals

All books are new and the latest reprint unless otherwise noted. All used books are worn working copies unless otherwise noted. Orders for multiple books may be shipped priority mail or media mail if the type of mail selected is not available due to limits set by the post office or costs higher than our charge. For overseas orders, we do not recommend ordering coins and books on the same order. For multiple book orders, our shopping cart only roughly estimates shipping costs. If you are overcharged, we will refund with store credit. If you are undercharged, we may ask you to pay the difference before shipping.

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 2 (1947)

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A scarcer early year often priced over $50.
BK65110. Museum Notes 2, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 2)1947, paperback, 118 pages, 19 pages of plates, USED, working copy; $36.00 (32.04)

American Journal of Numismatics, Volume 50, 1916 - A Dictionary of Numismatic Names by Albert R. Frey

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A dictionary of numismatic names, their official and popular designations.
BK65549. American Journal of Numismatics, Volume 50, 1916, A Dictionary of Numismatic Names by Albert R. Frey, paperback, 311 pages, 1965 reprint; $17.00 (15.13)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 8 (1958)

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Includes the following articles:
Healy, John F. A new light on the unique stater of Mytilene
Bellinger, Alfred R. The first civic tetradrachms of Ilium
Bellinger, Alfred R. The late bronze of Alexandria Troas
Noe, Sydney P. A tetrobol of Histiaea
Jenkins, G.K. Notes on the Iberian denarii from the Cordova hoard
Jenkins, G.K. Carthago Nova or Ilici?
Sutherland, C.H.V. A countermarked Augustan cistophorus in New York
Terrace, Edwald L.B. A new medallion of Lucius Verus
Boyce, Aline A. Caracalla as "Severus"
Galavaris, George P. The symbolism of the imperial costume as displayed on Byzantine coins
Fallon, Hugh C. Imperial symbolism on two Carolingian coins
Grunthal, Henry: Medieval and Modern coins acquired by the American Numismatic Society: 1954-1958
Erlanger, Herbert J. The last gold coins of the free city of Nuremberg
Bedoukian, Paul: Two hoards of Hetoum-Zabel trams
Grunthal, Henry: A German medal of Henry VIII of England
Grunthal, Henry: Richard Wagner in the medaillic art: a supplement
Adelson, Howard L. / Snyder, Louis L. Nationalistic myths in the Weimar Republic: an iconographic study
Scott, Kenneth: James Franklin on counterfeiting
BK10901. Museum Notes 8, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 8), 1958, 220 pages, 43 plates, paperback, faded cover, crinkled spine, bent corners, good; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 25 (1980)

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Includes the following articles:
Waggoner, Nancy M. Coins from the William P. Wallace Collection
Zervos, Orestes H. Newell's Manuscript of the Kuft Hoard
Houghton, Arthur: Tarik Darreh (Kangavar) Hoard
Kleiner, Fred S. Further Reflections on the Early Cistophoric Coinage
Kraay, Colin M. Jewish Friends and Allies of Rome
Rigsley, Kent J. The Imperial Tetradrachms of Heliopolis
Brunk, Gregory G. A Hoard from Syria Countermarked by the Roman Legions
Bastien, Pierre: The Iantinum Mint
Metcalf, William E. Three Seventh-century Byzantine Gold Hoards
Wicks, Robert S. Bull/Trisula Coin Issues of the Fifth to Eighth Century from Arakan, Assam and Bengal: A Revised Typology and Chronology
Whelan, Estelle J. A Contribution to Danishmendid History: The Figured Copper Coins
Remler, Philip N. Ottoman, Isfendiyarid, and Eretnid Coinage: A Currency Community in Fourteenth Century Anatolia
Doty, Richard G. The Bolivian Monetary Medal
McGovern, Wayne E. Missing Die Probabilities, Expected Die Production and the Index Figure
BK10903. Museum Notes 25, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 25), 1980, paper-bound, 232 pages, 23 plates, used good condition; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 19 (1974)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
John Melville-Jones: Further Notes on the Delian Inscriptions
Fred S. Kleiner: The Giresun Hoard
Thomas Drew-Bear: Representations of Temples on the Greek Imperial Coinage
John Nicols: The Chronology and Significance of the M. Agrippa Asses
Timothy E. Gregory: The Gold Coinage of the Emperor Constantine VII
Gerd Gropp: Some Sasanian Clay Bullae and Seal Stones
Christopher J. Brunner: The Chronology of the Sasanian Kusansahs
Gernot Rotter: The Umayyad Fulus of Mosul
Samuel Lachman: The Initial Letters on Ottoman Coins of the Eighteenth Century
Dexter C. Seymour: Templeton Reid, First of the Pioneer Coiners
Theodore V. Buttery and Adon A. Gordus: A Neutron Activation Analysis of the Silver Coinage of Zapata, 1914-1915
BK10904. Museum Notes 19, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN19), 294 pages, 21 plates, paperback, faded cover, good condition; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 23 (1978)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
Troxell, Hyla A. / Waggoner, Nancy M. The Robert F. Kelley Bequest
Zervos, Orestes H. A Ptolemaic Hoard of "Athena" Tetradrachms at ANS
Houghton, Arthur: The Seleucid Mint at Lampsacus
Morkholm, Otto: The Era of Pamphylian Alexanders
Kleiner, Fred S. Hoard Evidence and the Late Cistophori of Pergamum
Pond Rothman, Margaret S. Posthumous Hadrianic Medallions
Metcalf, William E. / Walker, Paul M. The Antioch Hoard: A Supplement
Brady, J.D. A Firm Attribution of Latin Gold Coinage to Twelfth-Century Jerusalem
Bedoukian, Paul Z. A Hoard of Bilingual Trams of Hetoum I of Cilician Armenia
Wurtzel, Carl. The Coinages of the Revolutionaries in the Late Umayyad Period
Adams, Nicholas: New Information About Screw Press as a Device of Minting Coins: Bramante, Cellini and Baldassare Peruzzi
Brady, J.D. The essai quartier-florin of Brabant, 1600
Brady, J.D. Two additions to the works of Karl Goetz
ANS Style Sheet, Guide to contributors and list of abbreviations
BK10907. Museum Notes 23, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 23), 220 pages, 40 plates, paperback, rugged edges, good condition; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 15 (1969)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
Hyla A. Troxell and William F. Spengler: A Hoard of Early Greek Coins from Afghanistan
Nancy M. Waggoner: The Early Alexander Coinage at Seleucia
Jennifer Warren: The Earliest Triobols of Megalopolis
Richard E. Mitchell: The Fourth Century Origin of Roman Didrachms
J. R. Jones: Vettienus Monetalis
Joan M. Fagerlie: Roman and Byzantine Medallions in the Collection of the American Numismatic Society
Eugene Dwyer: An Alexander/Macedonia Contorniate
Arthur F. Johnson: A New Anonymous Bronze of Constantine X
D. M. Metcalf: A Hoard of "Porcupine" Sceattas
Richard W. Bulliet: A Mu'tazilite Coin of Mahmud of Ghazna
Paul Z. Bedoukian: The Copper if the Later Kings of Cilician Armenia
L. N. Kukuranov: The "Urdu" Issues of Emperor Akbar
BK11259. Museum Notes 15, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 15), 1969, 140 pages, Softcover, faded book cover, good condition; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 11 (1964)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
Holloway, R. Ross: Damarete's Lion
Merker, Irwin L. Notes on Abdalonymos and the Dated Alexander Coinage of Sidon and Ake
Dodson, O.H. / Wallace, W.P. The Kozani Hoard of 1955
Bellinger, Alfred R. Philippi in Macedonia
Mrkholm, Otto: Seleucid Coins from Cilicia ca. 220-150 B.C.
Mrkholm, Otto: The Accession of Antiochos IV of Syria: A Numismatic Comment
Thompson, Margaret: A Hoard from Thessaly
Kroll, John: The Late Hellenistic Tetrobols of Kos
Thompson, Margaret: Ptolemy Philometor and Athens
Lenaghan, Lydia H. Hercules-Melqart on a Coin of Faustus Sulla
Sutherland, C.H.V. An Unpublished Coin in the Name of Tetricus II
Adelson, Howard L. / Kustas, George L. A Sixth Century Hoard of Minimi from the Western Peloponnese
Bellinger, Alfred R. Three More Hoards of Byzantine Copper Coins
Fagerlie, Joan M. A Miliaresion of Romanus III and a Nomisma of Cutler, Anthony: The Stavraton: Evidence for an Elusive Byzantine Type
Erlanger, Herbert J. A Hoard of Leeuwendaalders from Aintab
van Gelder, H. Enno: A Provisional List of Dutch Lion-dollars
Miles, George C. A Portrait of the Buyid Prince Rukn al-Dawlah
Balog, Paul / Yvon, Jacques: Deux Trsors de Monnaies d'or de Croiss
Bedoukian, Paul: Gold forgeries of Tigranes the Great of Armenia
Miles, George C. A Mamluk hoard of Hamah
Bowker, H.F. The William Ewart Gladstone Medalet
Burger, Werner: Manchu Inscriptions on Chinese Cash Coins
Newman, Eric P. The James II 1/24th Real for the American Plantations
Bedoukian, Paul: Aluminum Foil Impressions for Numismatic Studies
BK11438. Museum Notes 11, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 11), paperback, 1964, 318 pages, fair condition, 59 plates, faded cover, a little torn, worn spine, writing within the book; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 9 (1960)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
Robinson, E.S.G. Some problems in the Later Fifth Century Coinage of Athens
Jenkins, G.K. An Early Ptolemaic Hoard from Phacous
Merker, Irwin L. The Silver Coinage of Antigonos Gonatas and Antigonos Doson
Sjqvist, Erik: Numismatic notes from Morgantina: I. The SIKEIOTAN coinage
Holloway, R. Ross: Numismatic Notes from Morgantina: II. Half coins of Hieron II in the Monetary System of Roman Sicily
Buttrey, Theodore V. The Denarii of Cn. Pompeius Jr. and M. Minatius Sabinus
Buttrey, Theodore V. The Denarius of P. Ventidius
Kraay, Colin M. Two New Sestertii of Domitian
King, Cathy: The Constantinian Mints 306-313: London, Trier, Lyons
Adelson, Howard L. / Kustas, George L. A Bronze Hoard of the Period of Leo I
Miles, George C. Byzantine Miliaresion and Arab Dirhem: Some Notes on Their Relationship
Miles, George C. A Hoard of Arab Dirhems from Algarve, Portugal
Miles, George C. Notes on Kakwayhid Coins
Balog, Paul: Dinars of Al Mu'azzam Shams al-Din Turanshih and Al'aziz Tughetegin, Ayyubid Princes of the Yemen
Kukuranov, L.N. Fully dates coins of Murad Bakhsh, pretender to the Throne of Hindustan (December 1657 - June 1658)
BK11450. Museum Notes 9, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 9), 1960, paperback, 243 pages, 16 plates, good condition, faded cover; $13.00 (11.57)

American Numismatic Society Museum Notes 7 (1957)

Click for a larger photo
Includes the following articles:
Thompson, Margaret: A hoard of Athenian Fractions
Noe, Sydney P. Overstrikes in Magna Graecia
Bellinger, Alfred R. The Earliest Coins of Ilium
Zygman, Edmund: A Tetradrachm of Azes II Struck at Sangala-Euthydemia
Buttrey, Theodore V. On the Retariffing of the Roman Denarius
Sutherland, C.H.V. Diocletian as "Aeternus Augustus"
Boyce, Aline A. Coins of the Roman world: Selected Accessions, 1953 and Other Noteworthy Pieces
Lang, Mabel: A Roman Bronze Weight from Egypt
West, Louis C. The Relation of Subsidiary Coinage to Gold Under Valerian and Gallienus
Adelson, Howard L. A Note on the Miliarense from Constantine to Heraclius
Grunthal, Henry: A Hoard of Rhenish Schsselpfennige
Erlanger, Herbert J. Some German Counterstamps of the Late Seventeenth Century and the Standard of the Leipzig Convention
Nesmith, Robert I. The Coins of Luis I of Spain
Miles, George C. Some Arab-Sasanian and Related Coins
Caley, Earle R. Chemical Composition of Some Early Dirhems
Bedoukian, Paul: The Bilingual Coins of Hetoum I (1226-1270), King of Cilician Armenia
Frye, Richard N. / Henning, Walter B. Additional Notes on the Early Coinage of Transoxania II
Lang, David M. War Medals and Paper-money of Georgia in Transcaucasia (1915-24)
Miles, George C. A Note on Egyptian Gold and Silver Assay Marks
Grunthal, Henry: Picininus Medal by Pisanello
Grunthal, H. Two Unrecorded Bryan Tokens
BK11527. Museum Notes 7, American Numismatic Society (ANSMN 7), 1957, paperback, 256 pages, 45 plates, good condition, faded cover; $13.00 (11.57)



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