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Coins of India

Lot of 23 Silver Drachm, Saurashtra and Gujarat, Northern India, c. 800 - 1050 A.D.

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Imitative of the Sasanian silver drachm of Khushrau (7th cent. A.D.).
LT77415. Silver Lot, 23 silver drachm; Mitchiner NI 419 ff., F+, weight c. 4.48 g, maximum diameter c. 14 mm, obverse stylized head of Khushrau facing right; reverse stylized fire altar; no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photographs, as-is, no returns; $185.00 (Ä164.65)

Islamic, Ghaznavids, Khusrau Malik, AH 555 - 582, 1160 - 1186 A.D.

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Abu'l-Muzaffar Khusrau Malik ibn Khusrau-Shah, better known as Khusrau Malik (also spelled Khosrow Malik), was the last Sultan of the Ghaznavid Empire, ruling 1160 - 1186. In 1161/2, Oghuz Turks seized the Ghaznavid capital of Ghazna, forcing Khusrau Malik to make Lahore his new capital. From there he expanded his rule into northern India, as far as southern Kashmir. In 1178 the Ghurid ruler Mu'izz al-Din Muhammad invaded and by 1181/2 swept around Lahore. Khusrau Malik only managed to keep the city by paying him. Lahore was finally captured by the Ghurids in 1186. Khusrau-Malik and his son were taken to Ghur and imprisoned, marking the end of the Ghaznavid Empire.
IS75959. Bronze jital, Album 1664.2, Mitchiner WOI 802, Tye Jitals 120.3, Deyell 115, F, tight flan typical for the type, weight 3.316 g, maximum diameter 14.0 mm, die axis 225o, Lahore mint, undated, AH 555 - 582; obverse Arabic inscription in four lines: al-sultan / al-a'zam / Siraj / al-Dawla (the very great sultan, light of the state); border of pellets and outer linear circle; reverse Arabic inscription in two lines: Khusraw / Malik, crescent above, circle of dots between inner and outer linear borders; $16.00 (Ä14.24)

Kadam, India, Yadavas of Devagiri, Ramachandra, c. 1270 - 1311

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SH48285. Gold padmatanka, Friedberg 390, VF, weight 3.768 g, maximum diameter 15.7 mm, obverse lotus punch in center, conch punch above, sri to left and right, Sri Rama punch below; reverse blank; SOLD


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