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Aquilea Mint

The Roman mint at Aquileia, Italy was open 294 to 324 A.D. and 334 - 430 A.D. Common mintmarks include: AQ, AQOB, AQPS, AQVI, AQVIL, and SMAQ.

Crispus, Caesar, 1 March 317 - 326 A.D.

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VOT V abbreviates Votis Quinquennalibus, which means Crispus has completed vows (prayers and sacrifices) for five years of rule. In a religious context, votum, plural vota, is a vow or promise made to a deity. The word comes from the past participle of voveo, vovere; as the result of the verbal action, a vow, or promise. It may refer also to the fulfillment of this vow, that is, the thing promised. The votum is thus an aspect of the contractual nature of Roman religion and sacrifice, a bargaining expressed by "do ut des" (I give that you might give).
RL74457. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII Aquileia 69 (R3), Cohen VII 31, SRCV IV 16748, Hunter V 55 var. (no drapery, pellets flanking AQT), VF, well centered, nice portrait, porous, weight 2.721 g, maximum diameter 19.4 mm, die axis 0o, 3rd officina, Aquileia mint, 320 - 321 A.D.; obverse CRISPVS NOB CAES, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse CAESARVM NOSTRORVM (our prince), VOT V in wreath, AQT in exergue; rare; $50.00 (42.50)

Licinius I, 11 November 308 - 18 September 324 A.D.

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On 7 March 321, Constantine issued an edict proclaiming Dies Solis Invicti (Sunday) as the day of rest; trade was forbidden but agriculture was allowed.
RL84338. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII Aquileia 86 (R1), SRCV IV 15345, Cohen VII 20, Hunter V -, VF, well centered, traces of silvering, flan crack, weight 2.830 g, maximum diameter 19.1 mm, die axis 180o, 1st officina, Aquileia mint, 320 - 321 A.D.; obverse IMP LICINIVS AVG, laureate head right; reverse DOMININLICINI AVG, VOT / XX in two lines within wreath, wreath tied at the bottom and closed with a jewel at the top, AQS in exergue; rare; $45.00 (38.25)

Constantius Gallus, Caesar, 28 September 351 - Winter 354 A.D.

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On 15 March 351 Constantius II elevated his 25-year-old cousin Constantius Gallus to Caesar at Sirmium in Pannonia. He arranged a marriage with his sister Constantia and put him in charge of the Eastern Roman Empire. Constantius II marched West with a large army (60,000 men) to fight against Magnus Magnentius.
RL85620. Billon maiorina, RIC VIII Aquileia 209, LRBC II 933, Voetter 5, SRCV V 19013, Cohen VIII 14, Hunter IV -, VF, nice green patina, light marks, earthen deposits, oval flan with remnant of flan casting sprue, weight 2.619 g, maximum diameter 19.4 mm, die axis 180o, 3rd officina, Aquileia mint, Sept 352 - winter 354 A.D.; obverse D N CONSTANTIVS IVN NOB C, bare-headed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse FEL TEMP REPARATIO (happy times restored), soldier standing left, wearing helmet, military garb and shield on left arm, spearing fallen horseman, horseman extends arm toward soldier, shield at feet, II left, AQT exergue; $40.00 (34.00)


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Aquilea Mint