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Early Man: Paleolithic to Neolithic Art and Artifacts

Ancient Israel, Four-Wick Saucer Oil Lamp, Middle Bronze Age, c. 2200 - 1550 B.C.

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According to tradition, Abraham was born in 2166 B.C. and traveled to Cannan in 2019 B.C.

This four-pinch or four wick type is the earliest type of oil lamp, made as early as 2200 B.C. The type was still made in the Middle Bronze Age to about 1550 B.C. By the end of that period, most lamps had only one pinch for only one wick.
AH21499. Four-wick oil lamp; Sussman p. 27, 3.19:5; Amiran pl. 59, 1; Adler 1.1.3; Schloessinger 311; Anawati -; 10.1 cm (4") long, 2.5 cm (1"), Choice, complete, intact, earthen deposits, Hebrew ink markings on bottom, Middle Bronze Age, c. 2200 - 1550 B.C.; pottery, coarse pinkish-buff clay, wheel made saucer, rim pushed inward on four sides, creating a squared form with a channels in each corner for a wick, slightly convex flat bottom, ex Alex G. Malloy; scarce; $350.00 (Ä308.00)

Ancient Israel, Pinched-Rim Oil Lamp, Late Bronze Age II, 1400 - 1200 B.C.

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This lamp has no rim. It is a simple shallow saucer with the sides folded (pinched) to make a triangular wick-rest. Its austerity of form and simple design indicate it is an early type of "pinched-rim" saucer lamp and date it to the Late Bronze Age. As is typical for the type, the walls and rim of wick channel are blackened indicating the wick burned within and along the channel, not just at the end.
AH21343. Pinched-rim oil lamp; Sussman p. 47, figure 5.29:1; Petrie Gerar 91e; 4.7 cm (1 7/8") high, 14.9 cm (5 7/8") long, 14.8 cm (5 3/4") wide, Choice, minor chipping on rim, earthen deposits, wheel-made with wheel marks on underside, gray-brown clay with a cream slip, thin-walled shallow bowl, without rim, v-shaped spout, round thick bottom made by adding clay to the underside of the turned bowl; ex Edgar L. Owen; $250.00 (Ä220.00)

Bactria - Indus Valley, Bronze Buckle, c. 2500 - 1000 B.C.

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AA59781. Bactria - Indus Valley brass buckle, 7.2 cm (2 3/4") long; ex Edgar L. Owen, c. 2500 - 1000 B.C.; $70.00 (Ä61.60)


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Artifacts of Early Man