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Coin Collecting Books and Supplies

All books are new and the latest reprint unless otherwise noted. All used books are worn working copies unless otherwise noted. Orders for multiple books may be shipped priority mail or media mail if the type of mail selected is not available due to limits set by the post office or costs higher than our charge. For overseas orders, we do not recommend ordering coins and books on the same order. For multiple book orders, our shopping cart only roughly estimates shipping costs. If you are overcharged, we will refund with store credit. If you are undercharged, we may ask you to pay the difference before shipping.

The Geneva Forgeries

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BL43195. "The Geneva Forgeries" by R. A. G. Carson, Numismatic Chronicle reprint series, Attic Books 1977 reprint, paperback booklet, 5.5" x 8.5", 14 pages and 2 plates; $6.00 (€5.34)

Recueil général des monnaies grècques d'Asie Mineure

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Recueil général des monnaies grècques d'Asie Mineure

Parte I: Pont et Paphlagonie
Parte II: Bithynie jusqu'à Juliopolis
Parte III: Nicée et Nicomédie
Parte IV: Prusa, Prusias, Tius
BKBRGAM. Rec Gen des monnaies grècques d'Asie Mineure, by Waddington William H. - Babelon Ernest - Reinach Théodore, Paris, 1904-12, 2 volumes, 640 pages, 111 plates; $380.00 (€338.20)

Numi. Augg. Alexandrini, Catalogo della Collezione Dattari, 2nd edition

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This 2nd edition includes the 12,500 coins from the original 1998, plus the 701 additional coins, 31 additional plates, which Dattari traced, evidently after the completion of the first inventory. The total number of coins in the collection is around 13,200.
BK34209. Numi. Augg. Alexandrini, Catalogo della Collezione Dattari, 2nd edition, Giulio Bernardi Editore, Trieste, 2007; in English and Italian, folio, hardback, maroon cloth, #73 of 250 numbered copies; new, but as typical for books from Italy, bumped corners and doesn't look quite new, shipping outside the U.S. at actual cost; $310.00 (€275.90)

Kraay-Morkholm Essays

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Includes the following:
Amandry, M: Les tétradrachmes frappés à Lébédos
Barron, J. P: The Fifth-Century Diskoboloi of Kos
Barron, J. P: The Silver Coins of Samos come of Age
Boehringer, C: Himera im IV. Jahrhundert v. Chr.
Houghton, A: The Seleucid mint of Seleucia on the Calycadnus
Jenkins, G. K: Rhodian Plinthophoroi a Sketch
Johnston, A: The Bronze Coinage of Metapontum
Kinns, P: Two Studies in the Silver Coinage of Magnesia on the Maeander
Price, M. J: The Larissa, 1968 Hoard (IGCH 237)
Troxell, H. A. and J. H. Kagin: Cilicians and Neighbors in Miniature
Waggoner, N: A new wrinkle in the Hellenistic coinage of Antioch/Alabanda
Warren, J: The Kato Klitoria Hoard
Westermark, U: Remarks on the Regal Macedonian Coinage ca. 413-359 BC
BK65572. Kraay-Morkholm Essays, Numismatic Studies in Memory of C.M. Kraay and O. Mørkholm, 1989, 321 pages, 72 plates, hardback; $200.00 (€178.00)

The Silver Coins of Medieval France (476-1610 AD)

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Covers the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 until the accession of Louis XIII in 1610. Frisian and Dutch, Lorraine, Alsace, Savoie and Frankish Greece currencies are also included. Large format, 587 pages, profusely illustrated throughout.
BK00048. The Silver Coins of Medieval France (476-1610 AD) by James N. Roberts, 1996, 24 x 29 cm, 587 pages, 7300 illustrations, includes price guide pamphlet, out of print; $190.00 (€169.10)

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The Roman Coin Price Yearbook 1996/97, Complete 3 Volume Set
Each of the Roman Coin Price Yearbook volumes was limited to 150 copies and sold only to dealers

"..The information provided is not simply a listing of prices. Each coin is referenced by full description; RIC, Cohen, BMC and Sear numbers and also, date of issue and rarity. Entries range from a single offering in the case of a rare specimen to nearly a full page of citations for more common types. Prices are listed in U.S. dollars and are accompanied by grade and pre-auction estimates. Comments with detractions or expanded information are also included, as are the weights of specimens sold. This information alone is quite useful. In reality, this price guide is a reference work in itself. Of course it is not as comprehensive as RIC, nor as handy as Sear. It does not include photographs or line drawings of the coins, although those auctions with illustrations are annotated so that the reader can look up the type in an auction catalogue. It does, however, provide a tremendous amount of information.." -- Wayne G. Sayles
BK10138. Roman Coin Price Yearbook 1996/97, 3 Volume Set, Republic - AD 254, by Morten Eske Mortensen, London, 1999, hardcover, used, good condition, only one set available; $190.00 (€169.10)

Roman Imperial Coinage, Vol. VIII: The Family of Constantine I, 337 - 364 A.D.

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BW10015. Roman Imperial Coinage, Vol. VIII: The Family of Constantine I, 337 - 364 A.D. by J.P.C. Kent, 1981, xlix, 605 pages, 28 plates, pull-out (busts), buckram, with laminated jacket; reprinted with enhanced plates, dust jacket, NEW; $180.00 (€160.20)

Coins and their cities: Architecture on the ancient coins of Greece, Rome, and Palestine

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"Ancient coins illustrate more than a thousand different buildings most of which are now lost without a trace. We tend to forget that a line of foundations stones is all that remains of human effort of planning and labor which goes into the erection of an architectural monument; and it is therefore salutary to begin this study by comparing extracts from letters sent by a provincial governor to the emperor at Rome, dealing with the construction of just buildings on coins."
BK11792. Coins and their cities: Architecture on the ancient coins of Greece, Rome, and Palestine by Martin Price & Bluma Trell, 1977 edition, 298 pages, illustrations throughout, hardback, very good condition; $170.00 (€151.30)

Dated Coins of Antiquity

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Dated Coins of Antiquity is a near complete catalog of dated coins struck before the lifetime of Jesus Christ. Where a coin series such as the shekel of Tyre crosses the millennium divide, the catalog continues to its last dated coin in the common era. The catalog describes more than 900 different type coins struck in gold, silver and bronze, exceeding 6,000 different dated coins, dozens of which are cited in no other catalog. It corrects the misreading of dates in earlier references and updates the dating of coins according to current research.
BW00029. Dated Coins of Antiquity: A comprehensive catalogue of the coins and how their numbers came about by Edward E. Cohen, 2011, hardbound, 656 pages, including appendices, drawings, maps, charts, and other illustrations; over 981 cataloged coins illustrated and more than 6,000 individually dated coins listed; $165.00 (€146.85)

Nummi Aenei Cyrenaici

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The history and structure of the Greek and Roman Cyrenaica bronze coinage.
BK16130. Nummi Aenei Cyrenaici: Struttura E Cronologia Della Monetazione Bronzea Cirenaica di eta Greca E Romana (325 AC - 180 DC) by Michele Asolati, Cirene Atene d'Africa IV, Monografie Di Archeologia Libica (Book 32), in Italian, 154 pages, illustrations in the back, paperback, new; $157.00 (€139.73)


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