Victoria (or Victorina) was the mother of Victorinus I.  See the |Dictionary of Roman Coins| entry below.

For the personification of Victory -- see Victory.

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VICTORIA or VICTORINA.  Victoria or Victorina (for both names are given to her by Tebelius Pollio) was the mother of Victorinus I., and it was due to here influence that he was chosen as colleague by Postumus about the year A.D. 265.  After the death of her son and of her grandson in A.D. 267 [Victorinus I and Victorinus II], she was hailed Mater Castrorum by the soldier and conferred the government of the empire first on Marius and then on Tetricus, by whom some say she was killed, thought others affirm she died a nateral death (Treb. Poll. xxx Tyr. c. 5, 6, 24, 25, 31.)  Trebellius Pollio further states that coins were struck of Victoria in brass, gold, and silver.  (Cusi sunt ejus nummi aerei, aurei, et argentei, quorum, hodieque forma extat apud Treviros.  xxx Tyr. c. 31.)  There is no doubt that allusion is here made to certain gold coins of Victorinus I on which may be seen the portrait of Victoria with the attributes of Victory and of Rome, of which the following is a description:--
   1.  Obv. IMP. VICTORINVS AVG.  Half lenght bust of Victorinus I. to r., laureated, with cuirass, on which is the aegis, and armed with a spear and a shield.  Rev. VICTORIA AVG. Bust of Bictoria to r. laureated, with wings, holding wreath and palm.  AV. (800 francs)
   2.  Obv. IMP VICTORINVS PIVS AVG.  Bust of Victorinus I to r., laureated, yoked to tha of Mars, also laureated.  Rev. VICTORIA AVG.  Same reverse as No. 1.  AV (800 francs)
   3.  Obv. IMP C. VICTORINVS P. F. AVG. Bust of
Victorinus I to right, laureated.  Rev. LEG III FLAVIA P. F. (Pia Fidelis)  Helmeted bust of Victoria to r. above two lions stand facing each other.  AV  (600 franks)

   4.  Obv.  IMP. VICTORINVS P. F. AVG.  Bust of Victorinus I to l., laureated with cuirass, holding a scepter and shield.  Rev.  ROMAE AETERNAE.  Helmeted bust of Roma to r. with the features of Victoria.  AV (800 francs)

   5.  Obv.  IMP. CAES. VICTORINVS P. F. AVG.  Bust of Victorinus I to r., laureated.  Rev.  VOTA AVGVSTI.  Helmeted bust of Rome to r. (with features of Victoria) yoked to that of Diana; before, a bow.  AV (800 francs)
   6.  Obv.  IMP VICTORINVS P. F. AVG. Bust of Victorinus I to l., laureated with cuirass, holding a scepter adn a shield on which two figures.  Rev.  VOTA AVGVSTI.  Same reverse as No. 5  AV  (800 francs)
   The two brass coins published in the catalogue of D'Eunery and Pembroke (p. 306) with the legend IMP. VICTORIA AVG., and on the reverse CONSECRATIO, an eagle--are false.  The Pembroke piece is remade from the second brass anonymous Gothic coins, with the legend INVICTA ROMA adn type and eagle (Sabatier, Mon. Byz., vol i., p. 210, pl. xix.)

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