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Boar - The figure of a wild boar transfixed by a spear is exhibited on a denarius of Durmius, one of the monetal triumvirs of Augustus. On a coin of the Egnatia gens, is a lion seizing upon a stag. Eckhel remarks that these effigies of the boar and the lion bear allusion to the splendid huntings in which Augustus took such great delight, as narrated by Dion Cassius and by Suetonius. On a coin of the Voletia gens, the Erymanthian boar is represented. This animal, amongst other quadrupeds (such as the goat, bull, stag, panther, etc) are typified on the smaller coins of Gallienus. These were all sacred to the tutelary deities, at whose altars that eccentric prince offered up so many supplications, that he obtained the title of Conservator Pietatis. 

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