Allecti Moneta

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Carausii Successoris ALLECTI Moneta. - Somewhat too brief a notice of the coins of Allectus having been given in page 38 of this volume, occasion is here taken, not only to describe the principal legends and types of money in each metal, minted under his reign, from A.D. 293 to A.D. 296; but also to mention the prices respectively obtained at almost all the great sales of recent occurence, for the rarest specimens of this murderous usurper's coinage, as Carausius's successor in the government of Britain:-
GOLD.-ADVENTVS AVG. Allectus, wearing the radiated crown, on hoorseback. - In the cabinet of Count D'Erceville, communicated by M. De Longperier to Mr. Akerman, who has engraved it, pl. vi. No. 45. - Probably unique.
COMES AVG. Minerva. - ORLENS AVG. The Sun. - Both probably unique.
PAX AVG. Female stauding, with branch in extended right hand: her left holds the hasta pura transversely. In exergue M.L.
Obv. - IMP. C. ALLECTVS P.F. AV (in mon.) G. His bust in armour, bearded and laureated.
See the above cut. A specimen of this weighing, according to the Catalogue, "67 7 - 10 grs. in very good preservation, and of the highest degree of rarity, but suspected," sold at the Pembroke auction for $8.
PA(X) AVG. Peace standing, her right hand holds aloft an olive branch, her left holds the hasta. In the exergue M.L.
This aureus, found at Reading, brought $37 10s. at the Brumell sale.
"From this identical coin, which is probably unique, there is an engraving in Akerman, ii. pl. l1, No. 6.
SALVS AVG. A woman standing. - (Valued by Mionnet at 600 fr.)
SPES AVG. Home walking. In the exergue M.L. - (Valued by the French numismatist also at 600 fr.)
VIRTVS AVG. Emperor on horseback, armed with javelin, riding over a prostrate enemy. In the Hunter collection, probably unique.
VIRTVS AVG. Mars standing. In the exergue M.S.L.
"This unique coin was purchased at the Trattle sale, by the Duke of Blacas, for $74(1 ?)" - Akerman, ii. 177.
SILVER. - Rev. LAETITIA AVG. Q. C. A galley.
PAX. AVG. S.P.C. Peace standing.
The above two coins, in the Brumell collection, both apparently plated, sold for $1 13s. each. - "The fine silver of Allectus (observes Mr. Akerman), is of extreme rarity: his denarii are generally of very base quality."
THIRD BRASS. - AEQVITAS. AVG. Equity. - COMES AVG. Minerva. - DIANAE REDVCI. Diana. - FELICITAS SAECVLI. Felicity. - ORIENS AVG. The Sun standing. (Hunter). - PAX AVG. On the obverse bust of Allectus, with radiated crown and coat of mail, holding javelin and buckler. - IMP. ALLECTVS P. F. AVG. (Hunter). - ROM. AETERN. Temple with eight columns, a sedent figure within. (Do.) - SAECVLI FELICITAS. Emperor standing, with spear and globe. - The abive are probably uniqze. - See Akerman, Descrip. Catalogue, ii. p. 177, et. scgq

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