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Coins of Ireland

Ireland, George I, 1714 - 1727, William Wood Coinage, Circulated in Colonial America

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Hoping to make a profit, Wood obtained the Royal Patent to produce his 'Hibernia' coins in 1722. They were minted both in London and Bristol for use in Ireland. Woods coinage was so unpopular in Ireland that it was recalled and shipped off for use in the American Colonies.
WO94093. Copper half penny, SCBC-SII 6601, F, toned, marks, weight 6.618 g, maximum diameter 26.4 mm, die axis 180o, 1723; obverse GEORGIUS DEI GRATIA REX (George, by the Grace of God, King), laureate bust right; reverse HIBERNIA 1723 , Hibernia seated left, branch in right hand, resting left on lyre; $80.00 (70.40)

Ireland, James II, Civil War, Limerick Siege Money, 1691

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After the Battle of the Boyne in July 1690 the mint at Limerick continued to strike coins in the name of James II until the city fell to William on 3 October 1691. Just prior to and during the Siege of Limerick, the mint issued halfpennies and farthings over-struck on gunmoney coins and dated 1691.
SH66257. Copper farthing, SCBC-SII 6596, EF, typical flat strike, overstruck on gunmoney, weight 5.098 g, maximum diameter 23.0 mm, die axis 0o, Limerick mint, 1691; obverse IACOBVS II DEI GRATIA (James II by the Grace of God), laureate bust left; reverse HIBERNIA 1691 (normal N), Hibernia seated left, cross in right, resting left on Irish harp; SOLD

Ireland, James II, 1685 - 1691; 'Williamite War "Gunmoney," Gold Plated Marriage Treizain

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Gold plated, most likely to serve as a marriage treizain, a medal blessed and exchanged by couples on the day of their marriage. This custom lasted until the 19th century.
WO58746. Bronze half crown, SCBC-SII 6580D, aEF, gold plated, weight 11.940 g, maximum diameter 29.6 mm, die axis 0o, Dublin or Limrick mint, Jun 1690; obverse IACOBVS II DEI GRATIA (James II by the Grace of God), laureate bust left; reverse MAG BR FRA ET HIB REX (King of Great Britain, France and Ireland) 1690, Crown and crossed scepters, XXX above, June below, J - R in field; SOLD



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