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Lucas Harsh Collection

Domitian, 13 September 81 - 18 September 96 A.D.

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Vesta was originally a household spirit. She was later personified as the goddess of the hearth and given the stature of her Greek equivalent, Hestia. In the temple of Vesta her flame was kept alive by Vestal Virgins.
RS85544. Silver denarius, RIC II-1 Vespasian 1087 (C2); RSC II 378; BMCRE II 262; BnF III 233; Hunter I V20; SRCV I 2641, F, well struck on a tight flan, toned, some very light marks, light deposits on reverse, weight 2.951 g, maximum diameter 17.6 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, as caesar, 79 A.D.; obverse CAESAR AVG F DOMITIANVS COS VI, laureate head right; reverse PRINCEPS IVVENTVTIS (the first of youths), Vesta seated left, palladium in right hand, long scepter transverse in left hand; from the Lucas Harsh collection; $70.00 (Ä59.50)

Vespasian, 1 July 69 - 24 June 79 A.D.

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Jupiter or Jove, Zeus to the Greeks, was the king of the gods and god of the sky and thunder, and of laws and social order. As the patron deity of ancient Rome, he was the chief god of the Capitoline Triad, with his sister and wife Juno. The father of Mars, he is, therefore, the grandfather of Romulus and Remus, the legendary founders of Rome.
RS85548. Silver denarius, RIC II-1 850 (R2); BMCRE III 279; RSC II 223; BnF III 407x; SRCV I 2295x, F, attractive iridescent old collection toning, old scratches, tight flan, reverse weak with legend not fully struck, weight 2.935 g, maximum diameter 17.9 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 75 - 76 A.D.; obverse IMP CAESAR VESPASIANVS AVG, laureate head left; reverse IOVIS CVSTOS (Jupiter the Guardian), Jupiter standing facing, nude, sacrificing from patera in right over small lit altar at feet on left, long scepter near vertical in left; scarce with portrait left, six specimens in Reka Devnia hoard; from the Lucas Harsh collection, ex Incitatus Coins; $70.00 (Ä59.50)

Tiberius, 19 August 14 - 16 March 37 A.D., Tribute Penny of Matthew 22:20-21

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Jesus, referring to a "penny" asked, "Whose is this image and superscription?" When told it was Caesar, He said, ''Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's and unto God the things that are God's" (Matthew 22:20-21). Since Tiberius was Caesar at the time, this denarius type is attributed by scholars as the "penny" referred to in the Bible.
SH54544. Silver denarius, Giard Lyon, group 4, 150; RIC I 30 (C); BMCRE I 48; RSC II 16a; SRCV I 1763, F, weight 2.943 g, maximum diameter 16.8 mm, die axis 0o, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, c. 18 - 35 A.D.; obverse TI CAESAR DIVI AVG F AVGVSTVS, laureate head right; reverse PONTIF MAXIM (high priest), Pax (or Livia as Pax) seated right on chair with decorated legs, a single line below, long scepter vertical behind in her right hand, branch in left hand, feet on footstool; SOLD


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Lucas Harsh