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Alexandria on Ancient Coins

Maximinus II Daia, Late 309 - 30 April 313 A.D.

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In Roman religion, every man has a genius, a presiding spirit. In De Die Natali, Censorinus says, from the moment we are born, we live under the guard and tutelage of Genius. Cities, organizations, and peoples also had a genius. On coins, we find inscriptions to the Genius of the Army, of the Senate, of the Emperor, etc. The legend GENIO CAESARIS dedicates this coin to the Genius of the Caesars. Genius' image is of a man with a cloak half covering the shoulders leaving the rest of his body naked, holding a cornucopia in one hand, and a simpulum or a patera in the other.
RT48598. Billon follis, Hunter V 62 (also divergent ties, 4th officina), RIC VI Alexandria 99a, SRCV IV 14730, Cohen VII 40, aVF, weight 5.544 g, maximum diameter 24.8 mm, die axis 0o, 4th officina, Alexandria mint, as caesar, late 308 - 310 A.D.; obverse GAL VAL MAXIMINVS NOB CAES, laureate head right, divergent ties; reverse GENIO CA-ESARIS (to the guardian spirit of the prince), Genius standing slightly left, head left, kalathos on head, patera in right hand (no liquor visible), cornucopia in left hand, K lower left, ∆ over P right, ALE in exergue; SOLD


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